As a Financial Services Provider Company, Victoria Securities Indonesia is committed to providing the best service in the field of Corporate Financial Services. (Corporate Finance).


PT Victoria Sekuritas Indonesia (“VSI”)

Victoria Securities Indonesia (VSI) becomes a Member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange with Number SPAB-249 / JATS / BELANG / 01-2012 and has obtained permission from the Financial Services Authority to engage in Securities Brokerage with number KEP-01 / BL / PPE / 2012 and Underwriters with KEP-01 / BL / PEE / 2012 numbers.

VSI also has permission Number: S-457 / PM.21 / 2018 concerning Approval of Other Activities of Broker-Dealer Intermediaries on Transaction and Securities Marketing Activities in the form of Medium Term Notes (MTN), Promisory Notes (PN) and Negotiable Certificafe of Deposits (NCD ), and Number: S-70 / PM.21 / 2018 concerning Approval of Other Activities of Underwriters as Arrangers of Medium Term Notes (MTN), Promissory Notes (PN) and Negotiable Certificates of Deposits (NCDs).

Victoria Securities Indonesia is part of the Victoria financial group that is integrated in the financial sector, including :




PT Victoria Sekuritas Indonesia (d / h PT Victoria Securities Indonesia) "VSI" was established in Jakarta


VSI obtained a business license as a securities company from the Financial Services Authority to operate in the area of Brokerage and Underwriter and has been a member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange.


VSI in order to comply with OJK regulations regarding the requirements for identity of securities companies, PT Victoria Securities Indonesia changed its name to PT Victoria Sekuritas Indonesia.


VSI obtained permission from OJK to conduct Transaction, Marketing and Management activities (Arranger) for the effects of MTN, PN, and NCD.




Securities trading

Providing access to the capital market for individuals and institutions wishing to conduct securities transactions listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Corporate Finance

Serving the fund-rising process through an IPO mechanism and private placement, including: consultations on corporate restructuring, financial strategies, and the preparation of capital structures that are appropriate to client needs to provide optimal added value for your business.

Securities Transaction Funding

Facilitating the financing of equity Securities Transactions, for margin shares in accordance with applicable regulations.



Become a top and trusted securities company that provides services "one stop solution" for the Indonesian capital market.


Providing the best services and facilities for retail and institutional customers

Providing integrated services for companies that will go public, also for public and customer companies for equity, debt and hybrid products.

Providing the latest information and services about the financial sector for customers.

Participate in the development of the Indonesian capital market.


Committed to providing the best service to its customers by continuing to grow, make continuous improvements and innovations, and stick to the professional code of ethics and carry out the principles of good corporate governance to maintain stakeholder trust in Victoria Securities Indonesia.


Arief Notohadiwidjojo

Main Commissioner

Indonesian citizen born in Surabaya in 1980. Obtained a Bachelor of Science in Informatic from Indiana University. He has expertise as a Level I (one) to Level III (three) Risk Management Certification Holder and International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulation Holder.

He began his career at PT Sinar Manunggal Arthajaya (SMART) by holding several functions and responsibilities namely as IT Head, Direct Sales Coordinator and Purchasing Head (February 2005 - September 2005). From 2005 to March 2016, he worked in the Banking Industry at PT Bank Victoria International Tbk with placements and responsibilities in several functions and positions, namely Staff Treasury or Dealer (December 2005 - May 2006), Senior Marketing & Credit Commercial Officer (May 2006 - August 2006), Head of Marketing & Commercial Credit (August 2007 - November 2009), Head of Commercial Credit Division (November 2009 - March 2016). Chief at Koperasi Simpan Prima Artha Sentosa since 2015 until now. Since January 2020, he was appointed as President Commissioner and concurrently Independent Commissioner at PT Victoria Sekuritas Indonesia.

Aldo J. Tjahaja


An Indonesian citizen born in Jakarta in 1973. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Oregon, USA in 1995. He holds a license from OJK as Deputy Investment Manager, Commodity Broker license and Jakarta Automated Trading System Certification (JATS). He began his career as a Credit Analyst at PT Bank Aspac, Jakarta (1995-1996).

Another position held was Equity Sales at PT Sasson Securities Indonesia (1996-1997), Vice President at PT Ciptamahardhika Sekuritas (1997-1999), Vice President of PT Henan Putihrai Sekuritas (1999-2000), Director of Management Assets at PT Ekokapital Sekuritas ( 2003-2009). He was appointed as President Director of Victoria Investama (formerly Victoria Securities) from December 2009 to the present. Since August 2012, he was appointed as Commissioner of Victoria Securities Indonesia.

Yangky Halim

President Director

Indonesian citizen, born in Jakarta in 1970. He completed his Bachelor of Economics degree at Atma Jaya University, Jakarta in 1993 and completed the Total Quality Management Program in 1995 at the University of California Los Angeles, USA. OJK permit holder for Securities Broker Representative, Underwriter Deputy and Investment Manager Representative.

Started his career as a dealer at PT Anekareksa Securities (1996-1997). Followed by holding the position of President Director at PT Dhanatunggal Binasatya, a securities company (1997-2002). In 2002-2005 he became General Manager at PT Mata Air Murni Pratama, a distributor of consumer products. Since 2005 he joined PT Victoria Securities with a position as Director, President Director and Commissioner. Since August 2012 he has been the Director of PT Victoria Securities Indonesia and currently serves as the President Director.

R.A Wisnu Widodo


An Indonesian citizen born in Jakarta in 1978. He completed his Bachelor of Economics majoring in Management at Sahid University, Jakarta in 2002. He attended the Accounting Program at Atma Jaya Catholic University Jakarta in 2004. He holds a license from Bapepam-LK as a representative Underwriter and Fixed Income trading System (FITS) Certification.

He began his career at PT Gramedia Majalah as a Research Project Officer (2002), and joined Victoria Securities as Corporate Finance (2002-2005), then promoted as Corporate Finance Manager (2005-2006). Since February 2006, he was appointed as Victoria Sekuritas' Director of Corporate Finance. Since August 2012, he was appointed as Director of Victoria Securities Indonesia.

Wira Kusuma


Indonesian citizen born in Medan in 1985. He holds a master's degree in Applied Finance from Binus Business School, Jakarta in 2010, and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta in 2007. He holds a license from BAPEPAM-LK (now OJK) as a representative of Investment Manager and Broker-Dealer Representative. Since 2015, he was appointed as Director of Victoria Securities Indonesia (now Victoria Securities Indonesia).

He began his career as a Network Engineer at PT Bank Victoria International, Tbk in 2007, and began joining Victoria Securities in 2010 as a Research Analyst, and then was appointed as Senior Advisory for Corporate Finance, various projects undertaken include coordinating bond issuance, Right Issue, process of acquisition and divestment for public companies. In 2013, he worked at PT Victoria Investama, Tbk (Victoria Group Holding Company) as a Business Development Manager, several projects were completed, namely as the founding coordinator of PT Victoria Investment Management, IPO process coordinator PT Victoria Investama, Tbk and PT Victoria Insurance, Tbk .







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