Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance ("CF") mintegrates our offerings for financial advisors, capital enhancements, financing and risk management for companies and individuals. Our banker's experience includes a variety of transactions, from large to small equity public offerings, personal transactions, debt financing, business valuation, restructuring and M & A.

Our investment bankers work as a team to provide a suite of products and services for clients, and aim to tailor enhanced solutions to every need.

Our goal is for clients to benefit from our combined bankers' technical expertise, past experience, and current market insight and intelligence when they access capital on the market. Supported by bankers who have expertise and long-term relationships with other financial institutions, companies and public authorities, we aim to align client interests with those of investors. Our team actively looks for original structures and carries out equity, debt and equity issues, either through initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary placements, rights issues, or certain types of pre-IPO financing.


 IPO (Initial Public Offering)

The Initial Public Offer is one of the core investment banking businesses of PT Victoria Securities Indonesia. We truly believe the IPO is the start of a long relationship between us and the Company, and we aim to sponsor continuously beyond the initial offer.

Our approach to IPO is to provide clients with strategies for the entire transaction life cycle, from idea generation, quality implementation, optimal marketing, price discovery, to closing transactions.

We recognize that clients need a reasonable approach to market conditions at a certain time; As members of our Corporate Finance team consisting of individuals with varying experiences from the pre-1997 Asian crisis, we believe clients will benefit from our experience, because we share insights into various capital raising alternatives under different market conditions. Above and beyond the capabilities of our Corporate Finance, our bankers will also bring our research efforts to integrate relevant market insights to benefit clients. Its commitment is to support our clients with the scope of research and strive to act as the main supporter of the list of posts on the Company's stock trading activities.

Secondary Offering

Secondary offerings are suitable potential alternatives that we see when a registered company, or its parent, needs to raise funds while market conditions for issuing debt are not profitable. Secondary offers can also be an attractive option to respond to the need for fast capital availability. Our ability to effectively manage secondary offers comes from the sale and trade of long-term, ongoing professional relationships with institutional financial managers, mutual funds, insurance and other financial institutions.

We monitor market windows and are ready to syndicate and place securities effectively, without going through rights issues, advanced offers, private placements, fully documented offers, or accelerated book-making.

Working with research analysts, our capital market team will carefully position the investment thesis on the investor's radar screen. The pre-launch team will identify potential key interests and communicate honest feedback to deal with. During the formal process, our investment bankers, institutional sales tables, and capital market teams will join forces to produce first class executions and build solid books with accurate price sensitivity. Together with the Company we will identify investors who not only recognize value during the transaction but are also interested in becoming a long-term supporter of the investment story.


Our advisory team provides advice for various companies, public and private in various advisory roles, ranging from business combinations, valuations for basic strategic investments or divestments, capital increases, joint ventures, collateral valuation for funding, or debt issuance. We offer comprehensive services in all transactions, from support at kick-off, to closing transactions and so on. Our bankers strive to simplify complicated transactions and will put forward step-by-step assistance to clients.

We aim to be trusted advisors from our clients and offer bespoke advice that adds strategic value.

While we are driven by ideas, we adopt client interests at the front of our thinking process. Our extensive relationship in the Indonesian capital market allows us to put forward a perspective that is knowledgeable about the industry in which our clients operate. We will pay attention to both the corporate governance and regulatory aspects surrounding the agreement, to ensure the progress of current and well-received transactions by all stakeholders including shareholders in general. We recognize that clients appoint advisors because the transaction is very important to them. Our recommendations are fundamental analytical arguments, but include macro and industry assessments, specific client situations, and market and time perspectives. We are honest in our suggestions, and respect the best interests of our clients, more than just "closing" agreements. At the M & A assignment, through due diligence we aim to fully understand the economic and business interests of our clients and other parties, because we truly believe that transactions must address and benefit the primary goals of both parties.