Procedure for Opening a Securities Account

  1. Download the Individual Opening Account Form
  2. Institutional Customers can contact us directly to get Securities Account Opening Information
  3. Select the type of RDN you want :
  4. Print personal identity data (KTP / Passport) and NPWP
  5. The first page copy of the savings book


  1. Fill in the Opening Account Form in accordance with personal identity data (KTP / Passport)
  2. Specifically, prospective customers who do not have an NPWP, are required to fill out a statement not to have an NPWP
  3. For Customers who provide power of attorney to other parties, they must fill in the power of attorney provided
  1. Collect the Opening Account Form, along with personal data
  2. Drain the Data to:
    PT Victoria Securities Indonesia
    Panin Tower Lt.8 - Senayan City
    Jalan Asia Afrika Lot. 19
    Central Jakarta - 10270
    U.P: Customer Service